64 Tetrahedron Grid 3D printed Sacred Geometry, the 3D Flower of Life

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This 64 Tetrahedron Grid, known as 3D Flower of Life or Isotropic Vector Matrix, is a stunning Sacred Geometry 3D printed Jewelry, absolutely fundamental to our Universe.

This magical 3D Star Jewelry is Made-to-order in the ༶ available materials, e.g. Brass, Bronze, 925 Sterling Silver, Gold-plated, 14k / 18k / Rose Gold or Platinum.

This fractal Star Tetrahedron is the smallest unit of the Isotropic Vector Matrix, the symmetry and geometry of SpaceTime according to Unified Field Physics, also called PSU: Plack Spherical Unit. Nassim Haramein suggests it is the optimal minimum size for a Black Hole – by stabilizing expansive and contractive forces.
That means it’s the smallest ‘Pixel’ of our Universe !

It is composed of 64 small Tetrahedrons (32 small MerKaBa’s + various bigger ones), adjacent with Octahedrons, as you see in the last graphic, and you’ll also find Metatrons Cube and the Cuboctahedron within it.

It is the origin of the Flower of Life in 3D: each node is the center of equally sized spheres.

Crossing and surrounding the biggest StarTetrahedron at perfect 90° angles is the CubeOctahedron or Vector Equilibrium, and altogether they form the surfaces of a perfect Cube, which is obvious, although its edges are not marked.

>> the Tetrahedron (“4 Triangles”) is the simplest of all 3-dimensional geometric forms, the ‘seed’ of geometry, the first shape in a succession of the divisions of the sphere. It represents the element of Fire ~ creation and creativity, sexuality, procreation and desire, transmutation and transformation, the master purifier.

>> The StarTetrahedron consists of the receptive feminine Tetrahedron descending to Earth and opening to the sky, and the active masculine Tetrahedron ‘standing’ on the Earth and ascending to the sky. It is the fundamental Tantric Union, the perfect symmetry of Unity, with supreme Integrity.
It resonates with the original human blueprint and starship vehicle (MerKaBa), activating its presence in our consciousness field.
The Star Tetrahedron and all its higher forms of combined geometries are a gateway to our Self.
Reconnecting us with our center, it gifts us with perfect balance and stillness within a fast-moving vibrational existence.

It is known as the energetic shape of the MerKaBa Starship oder Light body Vehicle.

>> the Tantric Star, this holographic fractal of Source geometry, re-awakens the cognisance of our Soul Covenant, reconnects us to Source, the Heart of Creation.
It is the same energy pattern that conceives atoms, Humans, Stars … – the seminal form that Consciousness takes as it initiates the polarisation of the Monad into the sacred enclosure of the Trinity, holding the frequency of 3rd dimension fully manifest in form.

It helps us to center, balance and stabilize all our energy fields. It protects against unbalanced electric and magnetic emanations, like microwaves from wireless technologies.

>> the Octahedron within it, where the 2 Tetrahedrons intersect, invokes stability and strength, also providing the well-known pyramid energy.

>> the Cube, which forms from the total surface of the StarTetrahedron and the CubeOctahedron together, represents the Earth Element, Space and Matter, gives grounding and stability.

༶ ༶
Elemental properties (available materials):

~ * ~ . ~ * ~ . ~ * ~ . ~ * ~ . ~ * ~ . ~ * ~ . ~ * ~ . ~
Elemental properties (This Jewelry is available in Brass, Sterling Silver, gold-plated, PURE Yellow/Rose/White Gold or even PURE Platinum):

✧♡✧ Brass is known to attract health and wealth, bring out the natural truth and increase courage.
✧♡✧ Copper, contained 7.5% in Sterling Silver, 67% to 80 % in Brass, grounds us and strengthens the physical body, improving blood and circulation,
✧♡✧ Zinc, the other metal in Brass, helps eliminating toxins in the body & boost the immune system.

Silver, Gold and Platinum are considered a biologically compatible metals because they are non-toxic and stable, so they don’t react with, or negatively affect body tissues.

✧♡✧ The feminine vibration of SILVER is flowing, anti-bacterial, and provides astral protection (reflection). Supporting DNA and the Spine, cellular regeneration and detoxification. Silver works on the metabolic limb system, stimulating the nervous system and providing mental balance. It is also known to enhance the effects of Crystals.

✧♡✧ The high, pure vibration of GOLD is known in alchemy and in Ayurveda as solar power of strength, harmonization, manifestation, learning and illumination. Gold improves visualization, confidence, and divine Love, regenerating Heart and Brain.

✧♡✧ The royal PLATINUM is known to support the nervous system, Synapses and Thymus gland, to calm emotions, and to increase memory, psychic abilities and clairvoyance. Platinum is a metal of transformation. It allows one to break preconceived boundaries and achieve the maximum success in any given endeavor.

Please note that we make no healing promises. But everything is composed of vibrations & resonates !

༶ ༶
Structural Integrity:

These sacred geometry designs are the way energy naturally flows as it follows the path of least resistance through space and time.
They are permutations of the first and simplest forms, seeds of order in the infinite Aether of primordial chaos.

Contemplating Sacred Geometry, or wearing it within your energy field can have subtle but profound effects as it connects you to Source Intelligence in a direct way through geometric resonance.

Esoteric traditions says that sacred geometry is the ‘Language of Angels’ (mathematical: of Angles), and that information can be received through these forms from other realms.

Like crystals (that draw their powers from their vibrant geometric atomic structure) these geometric patterns can be used to hold affirmations and focus the attention for achieving your intention.

As these are created with Laser-light – in a high-end 3D printing process, they are exquisitely balanced and precise, therefore high resonance with the source geometry, which constitutes all existence, is achieved.

Fractal harmony in golden ratio generates – as everywhere in nature – generates a maximum charge compression, maximum coherence and resonant energy induction.

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