Aquamarine Pendant Orgone Orgonite® Pendant – Seed of Life – Elite Shungite, Silver, Nuummite, Crystal Necklace, Throat Chakra

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This focus pendant features Aquamarine is a stone of the throat chakra and this beryl based crystal assists with bringing a smooth flow of energy from the emotional body into expression. Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin “waters of the sea” and throughout history, this stone was sought and carried for protection by sailors.

Aquamarine offers the energy of calm, effective and most importantly, sovereign communications. There is power in the word and aquamarine assists with filtering and finding the most effective and appropriate words and expression for a given situation. It brings a peace and serenity with it as well, expanding the notion that everything has its season and that expression is best when it flows naturally and organically without the mechanics of thought always getting in the way.

The Seed of Life is the basic template for all of creation. It is reflected through an iron disc embedded inside a triangle. We ourselves form this pattern in the first few days after conception. It is the base pattern that forms the flower of life.

You can use the seed of life to create change in any and every area of your life by focusing your vision into the seed of life disc and releasing it to the universe.

Backing mix for protection and amplification Included in this pendant:

Selenite – Power booster to all other stones and energetic cleanser. Fills auric field with light. Connection to Christ Consciousness field of awareness.

Clear Quartz – Activates all chakras but especially good for the crown.

Shungite and Nuummite that are ancient stones and assist with grounding, manifestation, and protection.

Copper, sterling silver and brass are the metals that fill the back and power this pendant.

Comes with a hemp cord and is ready to wear.
Size: 1.5 x 1″ x .5″ approx


Orgone is simply another name for prana, chi, reiki, ether, spirit, zero point energy. The term was coined by Dr. William Reich, who provided the base understanding of combining organic and inorganic materials to affect energy in the 1930’s. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that resin and later quartz was added to Reich’s basic principle to produce what is commonly known as Orgone. Orgonite® was invented by Karl Hans Welz.  He improved on Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator by creating a device made of metal particles cast in resin.  He coined the term Orgonite® and trademarked the name.

These devices tap into the universal life force energy that is in and around all of life. This universal energy is unbalanced by EMF radiation from cell towers, power lines, electronics, etc. As electro-magnetic beings we are naturally effected by this imbalance. By combining organic (resin, carbon-based) and inorganic (metals, crystals, carbon-derivative) materials; orgone effectively “scrubs” this unbalanced energy and generates positive, balanced energy. The resin constantly applies pressure on the crystals, “squeezing ” them and producing piezoelectric energy that is absorbed into the wearer’s electro-magnetic field and into the chakra energy centers of the body.

Those sensitive to etheric energy can feel this effect but even if you can’t it still works just the same.


Our creations are fueled by unconditional love with the intention of combining and amplifying positive energetic frequencies and vibrations in a medium that will enhance the life of the wearer in a positive way. These materials include crystals, minerals, plant material, essential oils, rare earth magnets, sound frequencies and patterns, mantras, reiki, solar and celestial vibration and materials.

Orgone and crystal energy should never replace medical treatment and advice. They should only be used as a compliment to care by a licensed physician or health care professional.

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