ORGONE METATRON PENDANT Necklace, Handmade Metatron’s Cube Chakra Crystal Pendant, Sacred Geometry Orgone Pendant, EmF Protection

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All my orgone items have been energized during the curing process with magnets and solfeggio tones to enhance the energy output.

A beautiful and extremely powerful 12 sided ORGONE CHAKRA CRYSTAL PENDANT with small chips of RED JASPER, CARNELIAN, TIGER EYE, GREEN AVENTURINE, TURQUOISE, LAPIS LAZULI and AMETHYST. Stones that connect to the 7 chakras in the body. Measures approximately 1.5″ in diameter and almost 1/2″ thick. There is a SACRED GEOMETRY GOLD PLATED copper METATRON’S CUBE mounted inside the orgone pendant on the front. Includes a 27″ braided black hemp chain that is attached to the pendant with an crystal quartz and black tourmaline bead to enhance the energy.
This orgone pendant is designed to organize the negative energy that is all around us. This comes from mobile devices, motor vehicles, radio towers and much more. Our bodies were not designed to absorb this disorganized array of waves. Orgone counteracts these negative and draining energies by absorbing and reorganizing these waves so as to not disrupt the natural energy of our bodies.

Metatron’s Cube includes all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout our universe. It’s named after Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow of energy in creation and provides a connection to the divine. Metatron’s Cube is balanced and provides a visual focal point for meditation. It can replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Orgone is the name given to Life Force, Chi, bio-energy by Wilhelm Reich between 1936 and 1940. Orgone is a type of energy that defies many of the laws of physics and is considered to be the energy that creates and supports life. Orgone is the light, universal energy that is present in all living things

Many metaphysical disciplines work with the same energy, known by various names … (orgone, reiki energy, prana, chi, etheric energy, bio energy, bio magnetic energy, huna energy, astral energy, 4th dimensional energy, life force energy, and probably many other names.
Orgone creations are energy storehouses. The energy they store is spiritual energy, energy that nurtures.
Orgone items are made from metal chips (Copper, Brass, Aluminum curls & etc), a resin matrix and crystals.

What happens when you add crystals to Orgone?
Crystals have a natural ability to arrange energy and direct energy flow. By putting crystals into Orgone, the crystals are able to direct the flow of energy and enhance the orgone.

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