Orgonite pendant – Metatron Cube (Tensor Ring)

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Diameter: 2 cm

Copper Ring engraved by hand with name (archangel metatron)

Archangel Metatron on Sacred Geometry and the Merkaba
Metatron is an Archangel. Not just any Archangel, but one ancient texts claim is second only to God (Source), seated next to the throne of glory (seat of God/Source) and the “celestial scribe.”

Can you feel all that power?!

There are allegedly twelve Archangels known to man, possibly more. Of these twelve, there are two who stand out. If you’re familiar, you will notice 10 of the names of these Archangels end in “el”, meaning “of god.” However, Metatron and Sandalphon do not. This is because they were once men, Enoch and Elijah, biblical prophets who were made to be Archangels. Great souls who experienced very rapid ascension.

Enoch was a prophet from the bible. One who’s own works were annexed from the holy scripture due to the content they contained on the Fallen Angels, or Watchers called the Book of Enoch. The Bible states, “And Enoch walked with God, and he was not; for God took him.” – Genesis 5:24. His flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eyeballs to flaming torches. This describes Enoch’s physical ascension into the being now known as Metatron.

Further description claims Enoch was carried away to heaven by God in a “chariot of fire.” This same chariot is the Merkaba Metatron will elborate more on in the below channeling. This concept was something I had come across numerous times throughout my own research and desperately wanted to learn more on. Nevertheless, from Metatron himself.

Even since my awakening has taken off full force I have been drawn to Metatron. He is one of the first mass consciousness beings I had learned about and studied. I would come to learn later that not only did I greatly admire him, I am tied to and closely work with him. In nearly every channeling I’ve had for personal insight, Metatron has been present. Metatron oversees all mast number 11’s like myself, helps those new to awakening and guides though in search of knowledge to the right source.

Metatron is like a father, a great teacher and protector. Not only has he guided my path and pursuit of the truth, he has shown up in numerous areas and even books that have changed my life. When I last had an in person channeling experience I asked Metatron if it were possible for me to become something like an ascended master or archangel. His reply, “of course you can.”

It was then I knew, we are not just humans, we are not just awakening souls. We are vast, boundless and limitless. There is no end to our growth, no finite to our infinite existence. If we want something, if we believe in it will all our being and if we work for it, we will achieve it.

I hope you find great truth in this experience.

Understanding the teachings of sacred geometry leads one to the understanding of how source consciousness structured the universe at large and the physical world around you. Within this field of geometry, certain patterns, timeless geometric codes, underline seemingly separate things, showing the parallels between patterns in snowflakes, shells, flowers, plants, the corneas of your eyes, the DNA molecule that is the building block of human life and the Galaxy itself.

Many human scholars have studied this geometry, and while decoding these universal patterns, they discovered that if one were to meditate on a particular geometric pattern, this would lead to them accessing a higher realm of knowledge. These patterns not only represent the fundamental building blocks of our holofractal universe, they also represent different spectrums or layers of consciousness (wisdom). The Metatron’s Cube was created using various mathematical alignments, all of the Plutonic solids can be found in the Cube itself as well as the popular ‘Merkaba’, which I understand is also something you wish to explore today.

The Metatron’s Cube represents the matrix in which everything is contained, the gridwork of our consciousness and the framework of our universe. All geometry, including the Cube, can be used as a gateway, a portal or stargate if you will. They represent ‘magic’ and alchemy. The Metatron’s Cube has been designed to be controlled by consciousness, what you understand as, directed thought. The Cube helps you to realize the harmony and balance of nature. It is also a powerful portal in which consciousness can move in and out.

To connect with the Cube, take a picture or better yet, draw it yourself, infusing your own unique intention into the lines. Set the Cube up in front of you, perhaps on a wall at eye level. Grab a chair, cushion or stool and sit in front of the geometric pattern. Gently, with a soft gaze, stare at the Metatron’s Cube. It will not take long before your eyes become locked in place, staring at the sacredness of the lines.

After a few minutes, depending on your ability to quite the mind, your physical word will drop away and all that will be left is the Cube in front of you. Your eyes will likely want to close, let them. Still seeing the Cube in your Mind’s Eye, ask that the portal be opened, (while holding a very specific intention with what you wish to connect with) the Cube will bring the information through to you.

Depending on your level of openness, the data received from the Metatron’s Cube, (usually coming out from the Akashic depending on the individuals’ intention), will pass through whatever filters you have open. Either visually, audibly, emotionally, or telepathically. Often at times, the individual will receive a ‘download’ as humans call it. These downloads of data can take days, weeks, even months to be understood by the individual consciousness.

The Metatron’s Cube can also be used to travel through, however this is a process I’d rather people not try. Human Beings are not yet ready for interdimensional travel. Few have tried, and many have been left fractured.

The Merkaba, as understood on your planet has been popularly dubbed the ‘light vehicle’ transporting a person from one dimensional reality to another. You asked about activating the Merkaba. Firstly, lets re-write your understanding, because you are already well of your way to activating your Merkaba. The Merkaba in it’s true essence, happens organically. A by-product, if you will, to your spiritual growth. It’s neither something you can activate one day, nor deactivate the next. Or climb inside like a spaceship of light and travel in.

The Merkaba, often referred to as the ‘chariot of ascension’ and the way Enoch, Elijah and Jesus, as three popular examples, ascended into heaven, is counter-rotating fields of light in the shape of two interlocked tetrahedral. Where one point of the tetrahedron points up and the other points down, forming the shape of a star tetrahedron. When viewed 3 dimensionally, it takes on the form of The Star of David. It is no coincidence, for the Star of David came about after observing the Merkaba. Hence why the Star of David, among other things, represents the soul transcending the temporal world.

The Merkaba can be translated in your English language as the ‘spirit body’: Mer meaning Light, Ka meaning spirit and Ba meaning Body. In popular belief, to have a fully activated Merkaba, one would be able to travel inter-dimensionally at free will. Walking physically through stargates and portals into other dimensional realities. This notion warps the truth. The Merkaba, when fully activated in an individual, instantly transforms their entire body into light. It is a form of light travel. In other words, in the final stages of Merkaba activation, through a shift in consciousness, the triad of the mind, spirit and body completely integrates into one pattern of light and then enables the individual to transcend the limitation of the physical time space reality.

The concept of the Merkaba was brought to the attention of early mystic scholars by the Annunaki beings. There was no other way for these humans to conceptualize of extraterrestrial beings or space travel. They saw the rest of the universe as heavens and these beings as gods. And so, the Merkaba was seen as a chariot of the gods. Here’s the problem. Human beings began to think that the Merkaba was a pre- requisite for “ascension”. It is not. It is the result of ascension. Ascension is nothing more than the process of altering your perspective to a perspective that takes in more of an objective point of view of the universe we live in and of life itself.

You asked how do you transcend duality, well the Merkaba is one way. But as you can see, it’s an ascension process. First you must heal polarity and find balance within duality.

‘He who plays with thought, plays with the very matrix of this universe’

Again, switching back to the teachings of the Cube. It is thought that prohibits a person from experiencing anything more than the physical dimension. It is thought that enables a person to experience more than the physical dimension. Thought is the inter-dimensional vehicle. This is why your most beneficial teachers of ascension are focused on one primary thing. And that is to help humans develop a flexibility and an openness of mind. You cannot activate the Merkaba so that the Merkaba itself can assist you to reach other dimensions or ascend. Instead, the Merkaba activates on its own as a result of shifting consciousness.

The Merkaba is a symptom of increasing the vibration of consciousness, not a cause of increasing consciousness.

When the Merkaba becomes alive within your being it alters the entire structure of your energetics, changing your physicality so you are no longer bound by the 3rd dimension. In truth you would no longer be third dimensional. Humans will eventually complete this process, like many extraterrestrial species have done so before you. The triangular pattern seen in the Merkaba is a result of directed consciousness. Directed consciousness is experienced as movement. The triangle is also a pattern that emerges as a result of the desire to merge the body, mind and spirit. These are the two primary reasons that the Merkaba takes on the interlocking triangular structure that it does.

If you continue your spiritual practice and continue down the path you are on, your Merkaba will naturally activate. It is inevitable. Just know that you don’t need to go anywhere or change your physicality to experience multidimensionality, or travel inter-dimensionally. Through consciousness, directed and intended thought, you can travel anywhere. Allow the Metatron’s Cube to teach you this.

As for specifics, learn to live life dualistically first. Letting go of the Human need to polarize everything. I hope you’ve found this most valuable.

It is recommended to wear your Talisman over your Heart Chakra (Thymus area).
To activate your Talisman for intentional manifestations, we send to you some affirmation’s keys.

What is an orgonite?

William Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst, coined the word “Orgone” after discovering this cosmic energy. This life energy can also be referred to as Chi Energy or Prana and it exists naturally in every living organism. Orgone can be neutral, positive, or negative. When it is positive, a living organism is healthy. When it is negative, a living organism has a lot of emotional blockage which, if not cleared, can develop into dis-ease in the body.
Orgonite is a mixture. It can consist of metals, powders, gemstones and crystals encased in resin or beeswax. The high vibrational frequency of these ingredients attract and magnify positive Orgone energy, changing negative into positive. Quartz crystal, for example, has a high concentration of Orgone due to its crystalline nature. When used within the Orgonite mixture, the quartz crystal is squeezed as the resin dries causing it to become electrically polarized making it an extremely effective generator for the positive Orgone energy.
Orgonite inside dowsing rods and pendulums super sensitizes and amplifies the energy AND the intent of the dowser. An analogy of this concept would be in the difference between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. An acoustic guitar without amplification projects sound only so far requiring listeners to sit closely to the guitar player. An electric guitar plugged into an amplifier increases the distance and loudness of the sound so listeners can sit quite a distance away and still hear the player. Dowsing rods and pendulums WITHOUT Orgonite are like the acoustic guitar – they still work, but their sensitivity and the amplification of energy and intent are limited. Dowsing rods and pendulums WITH Orgonite are like the electric guitar with the Orgonite acting as the amplifier increasing the finding power of the dowsing rods and the pendulums.


They are called like this because Wilhelm Reich, the discoverer of a part of the cosmic energy that surrounds us, called it orgone energy, orgone, and analyzed it proving that there are two classes, or at least two counterpolated effects of the same energy. The biologically ordered and useful, which he called Biological Orgone (and he called corpuscular formations ORBs), as well as DOR (Deathly Orgone or Mortal Orgone).We use both terms. Let’s see what they are for, how they are manufactured and how they should be used. This page contains very important information for users and manufacturers of orgonites. Take your time and read carefully, because you will not find better information on the web in a general and practical way. Piramicasa only replicates the information collected by various researchers, and the claims about its effects are not made by Piramicasa, but are scientific information that can be found on various social, technical and scientific channels on the Internet.

The only thing we know for sure is that the orgonites help stabilize the magnetic field produced by the pyramid, making it work correctly in many cases where “magnetic anomaly” geopathies (those that affect compasses) could decrease or alter the function of the pyramid. The other factors explained can be subjective, despite the abundant knowledge that thousands of manufacturers and experimenters have.
The orgonite is a modern and simple device that Piramicasa has tested in practice with excellent results, but advancing enough to clarify some little-known points about this that, far from being a “fad”, is a technology that suits everyone. world know a little more, but especially those who use and / or manufacture them.
Although we have not been able to carry out quantum measurements (neither qualitative nor quantitative) in this matter, the empirical experience, methodical experiments and information gathered from decades ago on quantum physics indicate that there are no risks in their use when they are correctly manufactured and used, and the benefits are multiple, in the short and long term, however there are risks with some poorly manufactured devices.

The orgonite produces in part, the same as the pyramid: Neutrino accumulation , but with other more complex mechanisms. It does not replace the general functions of the pyramids at all, but both the orgonite and the pyramid reproduce at macroscale a series of phenomena that Nature uses at macro and microscale to produce, conserve and improve Life.

We discovered in 2007 that the pyramidal field becomes more stable with the use of orgonites, apart from increasing neutrino production. Only at that point – neutrino production and not in the same amount – does the orgonite resemble the pyramid.

The word “orgonite” or “orgonite” comes from “orgone”, a term created by Wilhelm Reich in his works on geobiology and orgonomy. The First Osiris Group, which in the 1980s did not know much about these works, nevertheless had very interesting almost identical findings, by being able to make quantum measurements. Certain natural quantum clusters related to vitality and the pyramidal effect were called “neutrino pockets”, since these clusters are composed of a stable type of these particles, which they called “tauonic-T”.
Wilhelm Reich did his work half a century earlier, but the Internet did not exist and the US government kept a very thick veil over the discoveries and technology developed by this scientific genius. His work was perfected in some respects and widely publicized by Don Croft, but many secret services have worked on this technology since 1955. In principle the terms that Reich put to the neutrino pockets was OR (ORgon), considering it beneficial in itself, while the opposite DOR (Deadly ORgon) or Mortal Orgon would be somewhat similar quantumly, but composed of other quantum particles (not with neutrinos), with atomic particles and with destructive effects.

1) Deadly or negative Orgone or DOR -Deathly Orgon- when it is depressive and ORANUR when it is exciting. Originally, ORANUR made reference to something else: An experiment so-called in acronyms, which means ORgon Anti Nuclear Ultra Radiation, that is, an organic field (“quantum” and therefore the “Ultra Radiation” that theoretically could oppose and annul to the DOR produced by nuclear explosions. A failed experiment within the Uranur program killed some people and Wilhelm Reich’s research. But let’s continue with the basic and important one now.

2) Neutral Orgone (OR) that although it seems harmless is necessary for life and will tend in natural conditions to become Positive Orgone .

3) Positive Orgone (POR) -Positive Orgon- which is always beneficial .
Properly manufactured orgonite devices produce large amounts of POR (Positive Orgone), canceling out and dissolving negative Orgone (DOR), partially counteracting directly and reducing (also partially) the biological impact of a wide spectrum of high-frequency waves, thus as reducing the biological damage produced by low frequency geomagnetic alterations.

The following things , which are very different, should not be confused, even if we base ourselves on the same physical principles and move in the simplest practical field of quantum:

a) ORGON ACCUMULATOR , which is made with successive layers of conductive metal (preferably aluminum), poorly conductive metal (silica, that is, glass or quartz) and an organic material of animal or vegetable origin. Theoretically, plastics are also valid, but the only one we use for sure is polyester resin, as pure and transparent as possible so that colloids do not interfere with organic function. If you have vegetable resin, it would be the best. Accumulators are used in the form of house floors, blankets, chambers, armchairs, and beds. In no case should they carry metals. The sand used in the floors must be quartz, which does not contain metallic minerals.

Orgone accumulators for use in living things (blankets, beds, floors, mattresses and chambers) must not carry metals (neither ferromagnetic, nor diamagnetic nor paramagnetic), that is, not even aluminum, but only coal, wood and glass. The best (chambers, blankets and organic floors) are obtained with successive layers of charcoal, fiberglass and animal wool (or wood and glass for the chambers).
Pyramids made of aluminum, wood and glass can never produce DOR or URANUR, they only produce POR.

It is possible to be part of these accumulators, interactive with filter orgonites (which do carry aluminum shavings). There will be no production of DOR or URANUR, not even near a nuclear power plant. The warnings in this regard are totally valid for cloudbusters in general, such as accumulators that carry metal and poorly made orgonites. Don Croft’s orgonites are dangerous if they are not cleaned from time to time with a pyramid. Likewise, its use is not highly recommended because, just by being there, it can eventually reverse its activity and generate DOR.

b) ORGON EMITTER , which are Don Croft’s orgonites, the cloudsbusters (cloud chasers) and are used to cause or prevent rains. It is the most complicated and risky part of this technology. Researchers are encouraged to use aluminum pipes, never copper or iron. Use aluminum chip, not copper or iron, non-copper aluminum cables.

Multi-body orgone accumulators, which carry metals (even aluminum), as well as cloudsbusters, are really dangerous for curious researchers without scientific training. Users are recommended to use only normal orgonites, and the geopathic routers explained below .

c) ORGONITE itself, there are three classes.

Some are specific “transmuters” (those of Don Croft) that at the same time work as emitters, that is, as the cloudbuster but in a reduced environment. And they can be dangerous if not used correctly. Not at all advisable for use by poorly informed people and outside the purely investigative.
Others are “directional or inductive” and are used in geobiology to concentrate a geopathic pillar and direct it as a concentrated beam upward. These carry only resin, quartz, scattered aluminum, and the copper spiral. They clean a geopathic environment and do not alter the local magnetic grid. They are very useful and the dangerous thing would be to stay right on top of them. It is not necessary to clean them, they do not generate URANUR or DOR. The geopathic “chimney” itself keeps them clean. Some may also be called “hubs”, if the coil is in place, they are more powerful but do the same thing.
Finally there are the “filters” that have many benefits, are not dangerous at all and are easy to make. They are made up of equal parts of resin, quartz and aluminum shavings, in dispersed form, not necessarily in layers. They do not have spirals of any kind or metallic ornaments, or anything more than their pure components. They are also made aesthetic using glass marbles, plastic glitter (in a small amount) and quartz of various kinds.

Special conical concentrator for geopathies
Some designs are to circumscribe the action of a geopathy (a geopathogenic site is where living organisms get sick from the low magnetic frequencies of the telluric field). Orgonites with spirals inside, especially conical ones, are usually used to make a geopathy that is -for example- a meter in diameter, concentrate to about two or three centimeters and become a fine and powerful column, which without disturbing The Hartmann Network, the Curry Network and other magnetic networks on Earth are no longer dangerous in the environment. Logically, it is not necessary to stay on top of the orgonite with which this effect is achieved. Flat orgonites, truncated cone type, without spiral, are usually used to nullify geopathies, but they are less effective than spiral conical ones in that sense, so they are advised to nullify the effects of electrical transformers in the home. For this purpose we use more orgonite pyramids, between 15 and 30 centimeters on a side, with proportions “Al Ahraum” (The proportion of the Great Pyramid of Giza).

Concentrating pyramid, inductor for very powerful geopathies
This model of pyramid-orgonite is used to place in very powerful geopathies, or near power strips where voltage transformers are connected (phone chargers, modem, etc.). Wi-fi modems emit radiation that makes your legs hurt. people who are close, others feel it in the head. The best way to avoid most of the organic effects is to cancel said radiation, which with the appropriate orgonites does not produce any interference with the functions of the wifi, the computer or the phone; it only cancels the part of the spectrum corresponding to the DOR, as a spontaneous quantum filter.
You should never put any of these pyramids under chairs, sofas, or beds. Not even those of normal orgonite, since the antipyramid that it forms also has effects (like antipyramid, apart from the effect of the orgonite). This one in particular should only be used by an expert in the field and unfortunately there are few geobiologists who know how to use orgonites and pyramids. Piramicasa advises free of charge on the correct use of these devices.

Well, these are large amounts of neutrinos, especially in the most stable way, which produces quantum completeness in the atoms, therefore more functional stability in the molecules and consequently, better functions in cells and all living non-saprophytic organisms. In this aspect, remember, they resemble the pyramid effect. The pyramid is a kind of orgonite in that sense.

The fact that the resin surrounds everything does not interfere with the organic filter function, since it is not an “accumulator”, but a filter that inhibits the destructive biological action of a part of the spectrum of radiation and microwaves, bringing them closer to 440 Hz, with many remain outside the biological hazard range within a radius of approximately ten times the size of the orgonite.

For example: A 10-centimeter-diameter orgonite will keep a two-meter-diameter sphere well protected from geopathic radiation and will attenuate in that area the impact of many other radiations on living cells.

Those made with copper or ferromagnetic chips can be dangerous, but we do not have as many reports or experience with them to determine the degree of risk. Only some experiments where we have verified that the same thing happens with the pyramids, therefore, to take into account the following:

Its utility is excellent in combination with the pyramid, but it can be used independently, since it considerably diminishes the effect of many radiations, electromagnetic waves and other DOR producers.Orgonite is a device that imitates a very abundant process in Nature, which is the quantum reorganization through the interaction of metallic and organic elements in alternate layers or in random dispersion. This process is equivalent to absorbing the DOR (destructive Orgone) matter and converting it into POR (Positive Orgone). Basically, it is the same matter. That is why the orgonite is not an “accumulator”, but a filter, a converter, exactly like the earth itself, with its metallic parts, its abundant silicon, its water and its organic cover. In natural “planetogenesis”, before there is a fertile layer on Earth, oil is the organic element of the largest natural orgonite that exists: the Earth’s crust.

NOTE: We say “Positive ORgon”, but in reality the predominant electric charge in this matter is negative. The term “positive” refers to the benefits of its effects, not the technical issue of electric charge. In the same way that the electric charge of positive ions is “negative” in terms of harmful or harmful.

The best metals to fulfill these purposes, when interacting with pyramids, are paramagnetics (Aluminum, Silica, Platinum, Titanium) and we see that the copper in these devices is as dangerous as using it to make pyramids. Although some geobiological devices are made of iron, copper and others, none that has to do with the organic protection of the environment in the pyramids can be done with them, except for some parts of wiring, which can still be replaced by aluminum wires. That is why we only use the most practical, economical and safest ones: Aluminum and silica (Quartz is silica oxide and glass is silica with other compounds – forming silicates – which are also paramagnetic).

Optimal orgonite model
One of these is not enough to nullify the very powerful effects of a telephone antenna, which are very deleterious, but it is enough to cancel the harmful effects of one or more phones and have the advantage over the Don Croft models or any another that contains components of copper or other metals, which do not accumulate DOR. The protection against microwave radiation is quite high, but neither does it inhibit it, that is, it does not inhibit a direct impact. Like the pyramid, it also diminishes the damaging effect on living cells. Almost totally transforms the remaining emissions, the most environmentally damaging part for organisms. The measures may vary, but it is advisable to keep these proportions more or less. The shape only has to do with how it is better removed from the molds, but it can be square or round, rectangular or cylindrical instead of conical-truncated, etc. In shapes like stars, etc., they will need a little more size to achieve the same level of effect.

Personal Orgone Talisman (Multidimension Functions)


– Manifesting portal with personal intentions
– Protecting your energy field (aura)
– Protects from geopathic stress and anomalies (Hartamann Grid, Curry lines, Water veins)
– Clears and harmonises your place energy
– Healing the etheric body
– Harmonize the chakras vortices
– Cleans your aura
– Decalcifies pineal gland (tensor ring)
– Restructures, clean memory of water
– Energizes water
– Cleanses and charges crystals
– Brings organism’s vitality
– Improves healing and regeneration
– Remove physical pain


The orgonite is the funtion basis of the Personal Orgone Talisman. Therefore, like the many well made orgonites they capture negative energy and they transmute it in positive energy. However to your Talisman it will be added anything that’s possible to be acceptable by divine laws to bring protection, well being and harmony.


The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis are subtle spiritual vibrations of all of Nature’s own healing forces. These vibrations have been harnessed (captured), through concentrated (focussed) prayers on to cards as printed patterns or symbols using the science of Radiesthesia.

Each Sanjeevini has the subtle healing energy of a focused prayer to the Omnipotent God/Goddess/the Universe/Cosmic Being to heal a particular body part or a particular disease at the physical, mental, social and spiritual level, using God’s cosmic healing energy which of course includes all known and unknown healing forces in Nature (including all systems of medicine and healing). Thus we have two categories of Sanjeevini cards or patterns – Body Part Sanjeevinis, and Disease Sanjeevinis.


All festivals in Hindu Dharma, includins religious rituals, are related to Deities. The principal of a specific Deity is present in the atmosphere in a larger proportion on the day of the festival or is attracted to the venue where religious rituals of that Deity are being performed. These rangolis are able to attract and emit the specific Deity’s Principle, the atmosphere gets charged with the principle and everyone benefits.
According to a principle in spirituality word, touch, taste, form, smell and their anergy co-exist; even if a small variation is made in the form and colour of the rangoli, its vibrations change. This can be experienced from the rangolis that contain Sri Ganapati, Sriram, Deity Datta and Sri Durgadevi principles.
Wa can get all the five tips of spiritual experiences of Shakti (Divine energy), bhav (spiritual emotion), Chaitanya (divine consciousness), Anand (bliss) and Shanti (Peace) from each Deity.


A Tensor-Ring is an infinite source of energy, which is neither electric nor magnetic. The energy produced by the Tensor ring is healing for all life forms.

It is a super conductor that neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings tranquility and stability to chaos, and very easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body. The Tensor field produces a measurable earth / gravity effect.

The Tensor Rings can be used for many purposes and in different ways. Below a few examples.

– Put a ring on the head in case of headaches.
– In case of abdominal pain, place a ring on the stomach.
– In the case of joint pain, place a ring over the painful joints.
– Stimulate plant growth by placing a ring around the plant.
– Meditating in a large ring makes it easier to come into meditation.
– A ring under the pillow or under the bed for a better night’s sleep.
– Put rings around the tap or water pipe.
– Reduces the electricity consumption.
Cubit Measure based on new geometries coming onto the planet
Discovered and anchored in by Brenda Schnose

Activates the Sacred Heart
This is the golden flaming heart with the tri-fold flames that Jesus and Mary walk with, and is different from the Sacred Space of the Heart that we have traditionally worked with

Activates the Quantum Mind
Opens the right hemisphere of the brain, balances the hemispheres, activating the Pineal and connecting to the Quantum Mind

For the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind activations to take place, one is first taken to the Quantum Void of infinite possibilities for cleaning, clearing, and healing.

The Quantum Void is the space of the Three by Three. If you are unfamiliar with that process, there is an audio at the bottom of the page for an explanation and meditation, though is not needed to get the benefits from the Golden Fire tools.

In the process, your entire Soul Spark, from Source and back to Source, is anchored within the human.

Your Light, now anchored in the heart, dissolves away the basement floor of the heart and automatically clears the cords and contracts that held us anchored into the old world.

Creation of the Golden Fire Ring-
The measure was shown as a neon-blue light-rod, and bent into a circle where it became golden-light. The first Rings that were made with this measure were causing tremendous releasing in people, and had to come with a disclaimer. The Rings caused a reaction in some, as the doors were opened and were triggered with more junk to release. It was nothing that couldn’t be worked out, people just had to know what was going on and how to do the clearing work for release.

A couple weeks later, on August 31st of 2017, Brenda and I held space using the Three by Three, and the subsequent activations and clearings we do with that process, to anchor into the Etheric Template of the Golden Fire Rings. This allowed the automatic clearing and release to be done for the person with the Golden Fire tools. Brenda then brought through the Activations and Attunements for the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind into the Etheric Templates of the Golden Fire Rings!!!

With the Sacred Heart Activation, many report a burning in the chest as things are burned away, then Cool Clear Waters come flowing through.

Some will note a pulsing on the head afterward, a Crown of Fire. This is a very sacred initiation, but open for all who would receive it.

This entire process could happen immediately, or over time.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.
The tools remind you of the Activation.
Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.

So many Activations you may receive, but do you use them?

This is an important tool to use, your Sacred Heart…


Essences are a safe, easy to use form of Energy Medicine. The remedies support rebalancing on the wholistic level, to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual homeostasis.
It is called energy medicine because in fact it is through the essences’ relationship and interaction with the energy systems (chakras and meridians) in the human being that healing occurs.

Since the visionary work of Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, the development and knowledge of flower essences has been expansive and exciting.


Shungite is said to be the “miracle stone” and/or “the stone of life,”

Shungite is known for its incredible healing and protection properties, including: boosting energy and immune system, balancing mind and emotions, protecting from harmful EMFs, detoxification and purification of the body.

Shungite is a stone of transformation with a huge list of amazing benefits, and because of its nature and composition, Shungite is unlike any other stone on the planet. Shungite is composed of mostly carbon and as we know—carbon forms the building blocks of life!

And there is more: Shungite is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon. I like to think of fullerenes as POWERHOUSE antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Fullerenes are anti-everything harmful to us including: viruses, bacteria, fungus, pathogens, and all those harmful chemicals we are exposed to daily like fluoride and chlorine in our drinking water, to name a few.

“Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates the growth. It kills and devours anything that harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is good. The scholars who have studied Shungite in one voice declare, it is a miracle! ” From the book by A. Doronina “Shungite – the Stone-Savior”

Following are just some of the numerous benefits of shungite:

Assists in evolving spiritually
Restores emotional balance
Powerful protective stone – shields the wearer from negative energies of all kinds, including psychic protection
Removes negative energies and thoughts
Shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc.
Provides healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
Cell rejuvenation
Cleanses and purifies water and adds beneficial minerals
Catalyst for growth and transformation
Increases personal power
Raises vibration
Grounds energies to the earth
Promotes positivity
Clears and balances aura and chakras
Enhances metaphysical abilities
Boosts energy
Normalizes sleep
Clears, activates, and aligns ALL chakras


Magnetite is magnetic and has powerful positive-negative polarity. It attracts and repels, energises and sedates. It acts as a grounding stone. Magnetite temporarily aligns the chakras, the subtle and etheric bodies. It aids telepathy, meditation and visualization. Magnetite provides stability, balancing the intellect with the emotions. It brings a balanced perspective and trust in your own intuition. Magnetite attracts love, commitment and loyalty. It alleviates negativity such as fear, anger and grief. Brings positive qualities such as tenacity and endurance.

Magnetite is anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle aches and pains, and is beneficial for asthma, blood and the circulatory system, skin, and hair. It stimulates sluggish organs and sedates overactive ones. Magnetite provides healing energy necessary for recovery.

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